Why doTERRA oils?

With so many essential oil options out there (they’re readily available on Amazon!), why should you buy directly from doTERRA?

GREAT question!

doTERRA goes to great lengths to provide their customers with top quality oils. No cutting corners, no inferior ingredients, just pure oil harvested from the land that is sourced from over 40 countries.

All oils from doTERRA are CPTG = Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

Source to you is a fabulous resource to learn more about how these oils are harvested, the science behind it and how the company gives back to its growers.

Now, back to the whole “buying on Amazon” thing. Yes, doTERRA oils (and tons of others) are available for purchase there, however, there are NO authorized doTERRA sellers listed on Amazon. The oils you will receive have been produced inferiorly and do not contain the same potency as real doTERRA oils.


Do yourself a favor and buy the real stuff. You’re paying for your health and wellness, so it should be quality!


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