About a year and a half ago, a good friend of mine introduced us to doTERRA essential oils. I’ll admit to rolling my eyes a bit, but I listened to how these oils have helped her. She’s a school teacher that was constantly getting sick. Kids and their germs, right? She was looking for a way to stay out of the doctor’s office and help her immune system.

Enter: doTERRA!

Since she started her journey with doTERRA over two years ago, she has not been to the doctor’s office AT ALL. She’s been able to keep her immune system going and fight off germs by using doTERRA oils. That’s pretty impressive!

But, back to us. My friend gave us a wonderful collection of oils to start trying. My husband has pretty bad allergies and we have three cats. She made him up a special allergy rollerball and wouldn’t you know it? That stuff really helped!

We started diffusing oils, making our own blends, telling people about how much they helped us and I finally thought I should maybe jump on this doTERRA bandwagon as a Wellness Advocate so I can share these oils with you!

I’m so excited for this experience and to have an all natural medicine cabinet at my disposal to help whatever ails us!

If I can help you on your essential oil journey, please don’t hesitate to contact me any time.

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