Running and essential oils

If you’re a runner, you know that sometimes your runs are stellar, and sometimes they’re not. And that’s ok, we’re all human. Not every run will be awesome.

For those runs that just leave you feeling achy and annoyed and asking yourself “Why do I do this to myself?” there are some doTERRA products that will help!


I’ve been using a combination of the Deep Blue Rub on any achy joints or on parts that could just use some relief. The icy hot effect really soothes muscles and BONUS! it smells wonderfully pepperminty! On my shoulders, I’ve been using AromaTouch,┬ábecause I’m one of those people that tends to tense up when I run. (I’m working on that!).

I’ve also been doing some cool down Yoga in conjunction with my doTERRA regimen to help refresh my mind and body. I usually do this Yoga outside if it’s nice. If I do it inside, I’ll diffuse some Citrus Bliss to help invigorate my senses. Any citrus essential oil will help re-invigorate your senses and give you more “get up and go”!

If you hit the pavement hard, are training for an upcoming race or are just extremely active, remember to incorporate some self care into your workout routine. It’s so easy to just finish your routine and hit the shower. Then chow down on burger and beer (that may just be me though!). Take some time to stretch, do some yoga and give your muscles some all natural relief with doTERRA products.

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