It’s doTERRA BOGO Week!

It’s one of the best times of the year! When doTERRA offers a buy one, get one free offer, you need to jump on these daily specials, like YESTERDAY.

Not only is it BOGO week, I’m also offering a a freebie of mine own when you place an order with me during this fun week. It’s my way of saying thank you for being a part of my Facebook page and wanting to learn more about essential oils and other doTERRA products.

Up for grabs? a 10ml rollerball of Breathe.

How to enter:
-Join my Facebook group: Supplementing your lifestyle with essential oils
-Order a BOGO (or several) this week through me. 2/20 thru 2/25.
-The more BOGO’s you purchase, the more you’re entered.
-Open to US and Canada.

The BOGO offers from doTERRA are only offered for one day only. I place bulk orders nightly (a limit of SIX on my account, so get in early!) and pass the savings onto you in the form of free shipping from me to you. If you’re in Canada, there will be a shipping charge depending on weight, sorry!

Today’s BOGO?

Here are some specs:


Peppermint is a staple in my house. It’s a workhorse. I’m excited to try Spearmint since I don’t have it yet.

I have THREE BOGO’s left on my personal order, so join my group and let me know if you’re interested!







Running and essential oils

If you’re a runner, you know that sometimes your runs are stellar, and sometimes they’re not. And that’s ok, we’re all human. Not every run will be awesome.

For those runs that just leave you feeling achy and annoyed and asking yourself “Why do I do this to myself?” there are some doTERRA products that will help!


I’ve been using a combination of the Deep Blue Rub on any achy joints or on parts that could just use some relief. The icy hot effect really soothes muscles and BONUS! it smells wonderfully pepperminty! On my shoulders, I’ve been using AromaTouch, because I’m one of those people that tends to tense up when I run. (I’m working on that!).

I’ve also been doing some cool down Yoga in conjunction with my doTERRA regimen to help refresh my mind and body. I usually do this Yoga outside if it’s nice. If I do it inside, I’ll diffuse some Citrus Bliss to help invigorate my senses. Any citrus essential oil will help re-invigorate your senses and give you more “get up and go”!

If you hit the pavement hard, are training for an upcoming race or are just extremely active, remember to incorporate some self care into your workout routine. It’s so easy to just finish your routine and hit the shower. Then chow down on burger and beer (that may just be me though!). Take some time to stretch, do some yoga and give your muscles some all natural relief with doTERRA products.

For more information or to order, please click here.

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Lastly! To learn more about my February incentive if you sign up with doTERRA and become a part of my team, read this post.


The many uses of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of those essential oils that has so many uses, that I could just sit all day perusing pinterest and find new “recipes” and blends to share.

One use that immediately caught my eye (get it? ha!) was this one:


(Disclaimer: Now, I don’t condone (and neither do essential oil companies) putting essential oils directly in your eyes or ears, however, mixing ONE drop into your mascara is a form of diluting it. Do not put this directly in your eyes!)

Ok, with that disclaimer out of the way, HOW COOL IS THIS?

Instead of spending $$ on lash extensions or expensive lash enhancing serums, use something natural on your lashes to help them gain volume and length.

Now, your mileage may vary depending on what type of mascara you use, so try a few. Preferably a natural, organic type, but really, any should do.

Plus, Lavender just smells wonderful and is a great oil to have on hand anyway. We go through a bottle a month because I use it for:

  • diffusing for its calming effect
  • calming my cats down (place a drop on paw pads) when they’re anxious
  • helping ease sunburn
  • an allergy blend for my husband (also consists of Lemon, Peppermint & Eucalyptus)
  • helping digestion
  • any skin issue that comes up (rash, cut, bruise)

I could go on, but you get it. Lavender is the bomb and you need it yesterday.

If you’ve tried it with success, drop a comment for us!

Oil Blend

Liquid Xanax

I was perusing the internets during some down time last week and came across this little essential oil gem:


You’re welcome.

First, I laughed because really….who couldn’t use this blend? So, I immediately posted it to my essential oils Facebook group (Join us! We have fun!) and it was a HUGE hit. Everyone wanted to try this blend. I NEED THIS BLEND!

Stressed? Anxious? Nervous? Traveling? Ready to throat punch someone? There’s an oil blend for that!

I mean, there are SO MANY combinations you can make with doTERRA essential oils. I love having an all natural medicine cabinet in my home. If either myself or my husband have an ailment, I know I have something in my oil collection that can help. And that’s ALL NATURAL.


doTERRA oils are CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) and can be taken internally. No other oil company can offer that.

If you’re on the fence on becoming a Wholesale Member or Wellness Advocate, I’d love to help you. Join my group and contact me for further info!



Why doTERRA oils?

With so many essential oil options out there (they’re readily available on Amazon!), why should you buy directly from doTERRA?

GREAT question!

doTERRA goes to great lengths to provide their customers with top quality oils. No cutting corners, no inferior ingredients, just pure oil harvested from the land that is sourced from over 40 countries.

All oils from doTERRA are CPTG = Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

Source to you is a fabulous resource to learn more about how these oils are harvested, the science behind it and how the company gives back to its growers.

Now, back to the whole “buying on Amazon” thing. Yes, doTERRA oils (and tons of others) are available for purchase there, however, there are NO authorized doTERRA sellers listed on Amazon. The oils you will receive have been produced inferiorly and do not contain the same potency as real doTERRA oils.


Do yourself a favor and buy the real stuff. You’re paying for your health and wellness, so it should be quality!